How To Order

How to Order from

   This page will explain you the exact process of how to order from this website.we have explained the process with the help of screenshots. You can Zoom (CTRL+) images for better visibility.

Visit the Website

Select the Product Want to Purchase

Click on Icon to add the product in Cart

On click of Add To Cart Icon following action will occur

On adding products in cart this count will be increased at Right Top Corner

On click of you will get order summary with two options as  view cart and Checkout.

View Cart Screen : This will be helpful for changing the product quantity and viewing the summary

Checkout will redirect to following Screen

Checkout : Billing Address

Checkout : Payment Screen

Checkout : Confirm Order

Confirm Order will redirect to Third Party Payment Gateway Screen : Here You can select the required payment method with valid details for payment.

After verifying the payment details website will redirect to Confirm Order Message Page and this indicates that your order is successfully Placed.